Henry & Alberta Schuller - Irrevocable Trust

Henry & Alberta Schuller - Irrevocable Trust

"Since we had no children of our own, we support Hope Haven: a worthwhile place - doing good."

At 95, Henry Schuller is in great shape. He cares for his house, plants and nurtures a garden, and still drives his car. Henry was married to his wife Alberta for nearly 60 years. She passed away in 2008.

When health concerns forced him and Alberta to leave their farm, the couple remembered a visit to Hope Haven. "It's a worthwhile place," they recalled, "It's a place that is doing a lot of good." Henry and Alberta decided to give the farm, through an Irrevocable Trust, as a gift to people who had no means of support. An Irrevocable Trust was a tool that allowed the Schullers to maintain their present resources, while guaranteeing that the assets of their estate would fully benefit Hope Haven for years to come. As a result, they have celebrated joy in knowing the impact of their generosity on the lives of others.

A close friend and Hope Haven's Director of Planned Giving, Paul Moos, describes his friend Henry as "Sage wisdom of the past. When they invested their precious resources, including the family farm, it was like putting food in the Hope Haven pantry. When needs arose among people we serve, both here at home and globally, we could say 'yes, we do have something to share... we do, thanks to Henry and Alberta!"


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