Arnold & Thelma Menning - Charitable Gift Annuity

Arnold & Thelma Menning - Charitable Gift Annuity

In order to secure a guaranteed and substantial rate of return on an investment, in addition to charitable intent, Arnold and Thelma decided to cash in some shares of stock they owned and converted it to a Charitable Gift Annuity.

Arnold: "Years back, we had purchased some stock shares that had grown substantially over time. Given the volatility of the market environment, we decided to turn those shares into a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA). The CGA gave us an attractive rate of return and tax incentives, and guaranteed a steady income stream for life."

Thelma: "We wanted to help Hope Haven and their wonderful mission by making an investment in their organization through a gift, and this was a great option!"


A charitable gift annuity is a great way you can make a gift to our organization and benefit. You transfer your cash or property to our organization and we promise to make fixed payments to you for life at a rate based on your age.