Tillie Sipma - Fixed Income for Retirement

Tillie Sipma - Fixed Income for Retirement

Tillie and her husband Andrew, who recently passed away, have spent the last few years living in a retirement home. With fixed expenses and income, and lower market yields because of the difficult economy, Tillie was looking for a way to increase her income. At the same time, Tillie wanted to remain faithful with her commitment to her favorite charity, Hope Haven.

Tillie: "We invested into a program a number of years ago and overall this was a good investment for me. However, my yields were variable and recently had fallen to about 1% annually.

I was also looking for security for my retirement years. Ideally, I wanted to know that I would have the income I needed and that it would not change with the markets."

Tillie decided to set up a gift annuity with her favorite charity. Based on her birth date, Tillie now earns 9.2% on her investment annually which is guaranteed until her death, and the remainder will become a nice gift to Hope Haven some day.


A charitable gift annuity is a great way you can make a gift to our organization and benefit. You transfer your cash or property to our organization and we promise to make fixed payments to you for life at a rate based on your age.